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Brokman Sans Serif Font Family $169

10 OTF with WOFF | Designer: Jonathan Hill


  • A contemporary sans serif typeface. The evolution of the design is in response to feedback gathered from various professional bodies in the typographic industry. From the information collated a simple brief was developed to answer the following key points of constructive criticism. 1. To develop a style that is new in concept and relevant to todays market place. 2. To maintain an optical balance between horizontal and vertical strokes. 3. To resolve optical problems in the heavier weights whilst maintaining a smooth line consistency throughout the family and finally to deliver a technical well spaced font that can work across a wide variety of media and devices.
  • Brokman includes 10 weights, a full character set, manually edited kerning and Euro symbol.

Brokman Sans Serif Font Family 10xOTF $169


P A S S W O R D : GFXTRAkman


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